Report a Violation

Animal Control Violations

For dogs at large, improper dog housing, unsanitary living conditions, dangerous dogs or similar complaints covered under Title 16, Chapter 30F

The city of Newark remains responsible for dog control within Newark city limits.

  • Delaware Animal Services – New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties
    302-255-4646 or report online below
  • City of Newark – within city limits
    Newark Police 302-366-7111

Animal Cruelty Complaints
Cruelty and neglect of animals is against the law. If you are concerned about an animal’s welfare and suspect cruelty or neglect, contact DAS immediately.

Delaware Animal Services 302-255-4646 or report online below.

Livestock Cruelty or Livestock at Large Complaints
To report cruelty or neglect of agricultural or farm animals, or livestock at large, call:

Delaware Department of Agriculture 302-698-4500


To file an animal violation or complaint, fill out the following form. In order to properly investigate all violations, you must include the address where the animals are located. If you do not know the violator’s name, type “unknown”. Information is confidential and is required for follow up by an animal welfare officer.

IF YOU ARE REPORTING AN EMERGENCY: Do not file a report online. Call 302-255-4646, 24hrs a day.

Thank you for your report.

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All information is kept confidential